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My name is Jason Ko.

I am a Full Stack Web Developer
+ Amateur Indie Game Developer

I have been working as a web developer for more then 5+ years.
I have a Computer Engineering Degree from University of Toronto;
I also studied Game Development at George Brown College.

I chose to be a full stack developer because I love to be able to do everything. You can say I am a generalist. Interactive media is my passion cause I love ART + CODE. I believe having a strong foundation in programming allows programmers to move between languages quickly.

Main Weapon of Choice: PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Mysql
   prefered Javascript Extension Library = JQUERY
   prefered CMS solution for clients = Wordpress
Secondary Weapon: C#,, Java, JSP technologies
Game Related Know-How: HTML5, Flash - Action Script 3, Unity (C# or Javascript)
Graphics/3D Software Know-How: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, Maya, Blender
Other things I know and do: Mobile Web, Responsive/Adaptive, Agile, MVC, Xampp/Lamp Stack, SASS, Git/Svn

Most important skill: Able to read documentations, google the right questions/answers and learn quickly!

Currently Learning:

  • node.js cause it is cool, I am using it for an online multiplayer card game prototype
  • Python for Maya to automate actions
  • Photoshop scripting for automation

A small selection of web projects I have worked on.

Mobiletapestry (HTML5 Games)

This is a catalog of Web Application gambling games. Using HTML5 technologies to make these games completely responsive with any screen size and orientations. These games were designed for phone and other mobile devices.

All the games have two groups of assets based on orientation. This is to optimize load time because they are all very graphics heavy. The catalog contains scratch ticket and pulltabs games based on the real life counterparts.

The most unique one I added was Destroyer. It was a scratch ticket game where the user buys the ticket with set result just like normal scratch ticket games. The player can choose any of the squares they want to play but the results will be based on the ticket retrieved from server. So the game’s logic gives the illusion of control.

Liberty Science Center

By far the biggest project I have worked on. This was done using Wordpress. There were 18 templates initially and eventually grew to about 24.

I was the sole developer but not the designer for this website, the client already had the designs and well crafted html/css to start with. I only needed to add all the javascript functionaliy to the frontend.

This is a custom Wordpress theme, with built in custom posts and controls provide better content management for each of the template they required.

This project was the only one that I had to setup multisite system for because the client wanted to use buddypress, and have an additional sister blog site.

Scopify - ROM

This site was created for the Scopify initiative for Toronto’s Royal Ontario Musem. This site is used to promote the Scopify app for Apple and Android phones that allow visitors to explore a special virtual side of the museum artifacts.

I had to create links that connected with the QR code that could be scanned at the museum. The links provide a way for visitors to be redirected to their phone’s corresponding app store or marketplace to download the Scopify app that can be used to explore the museum.

I also had to fix their mobile html/css issues and add some new backend controls for them. I added the fix and features through child theme in wordpress and custom plugin.


This was a relative small wordpress project, that works adaptively to mobile phones. I created the wordpress theme and added custom controls in the admin section to allow content managers to control frontend more efficiently.

I was given the design files in Photoshop format. I sliced and optimized all the exported images myself. I hand crafted the HTML/CSS to work with mobile phones. This was before frontend frameworks such as Bootstrap even existed and mobile web was still relatively new. This was also at a time where I was obsessed with making everything consistent in IE6.

Here are some game prototypes I’ve created.


This is a 2.5D Unity game created in TOJAM 9. TOJAM is an event for passionate game makers to come together to create games that could hopefully be finished in 3 days time.

I had a team of 4 people including myself. I was the only programmer and the rest were amazing 3D/2D artists. This game was from an idea of creating bumper cars in space. Due to time constraint many features were omitted. But we managed to create a multiplayer game that had up to 4 player support locally. And we created bombs and a blackhole generator to add more carnage into the game.

My only regret was that I was unable to add my own spaceship into the game because I had to focus on completing more features and tweaking the controls. But I'll probably work a little bit more on it with my 3d modeler and animator friends when we have time.

Baby Fisher (prototype)

This is a 2D Unity game (prototype) created as an experiment. This is a game where the player tries to find the fish swimming under water. When the fish swims from left to right or right to left, it leaves ripples on the surface of the water. This provides the hint for players on where the fish is. Upon clicking on the correct location, the little fish comes out and says hi.

This game is a prototype made in a day so I didn’t make a menu, the animation actually took quite a bit of time for me.

The target audience for this game is 2 to 4 year olds. My 2 year old niece seems to like that little fish, so that is a victory for me. It is inspired by a company named SagoSago.

Pixel Defence (prototype)

This is a 2D game made in Flash. All the character assets were created by the talented Andrew Wong. I created the weapons sprites and animation and programmed the game logic using Action Script 3.

This is a tower defence game where waves of enemies descend on the building top and walk down each level until they reach the basement. The winning conditions for each “mission” are either the player reaches the gold mined goal or wiping out all enemies waves with defensive turrets installed in each level. There are 5 enemy types, they differ in powers, speed and range. There are currently 7 defensive weapons. There are the usual bullet spitting turrets and others cause status alignments such as freeze, poison, slow, etc..

The gameplay is going under an overhaul because it isn’t that fun. It sounded good on paper but once I prototyped the game we realized this was a one dimensional tower defence game. So for now I don't want to link people to this working prototype yet.

I also like animation so here is my demo reel!

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